ISO 14001:2015 Transition Deadline finishes today

ISO 14001:2015 Transition Deadline finishes todayToday (15 March 2019) is the final day of the extended ISO 14001:2015 transition approved by ISO and IAF.

It has been a long (over three and half years) transition, which includes the additional six month transition implemented just before the original three-year transition deadline ran out on 15 September 2018.

With a 93% transition rate for the combined ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 9001:2015 transition (see Final ISO 14001:2015 Transition Rate), the transition look like a success. We will have to wait until the annual ISO Survey in the Summer 2019 to see what this figure really means:

  • What was the ISO 14001:2015 transition rate on its own?
  • Did the total population of ISO 14001:2015 certificate decline?
  • Were there any trends (by country, by sector or by certification body)?

So for now, we should all celebrate the completion of the ISO 14001:2015 transition for what it meant for each of us, whether;

  • as a consultant advising organisations and guiding them towards ISO 14001:2015,
  • as environmental manager seeking to continue their ISO 14001 certification,
  • as an Auditor working with client to achieve their ISO 14001:2015 transition

As a reminder of that journey, I have highlighted some of my articles (in reverse chronological order) to celebrate the journey that we have all shared over the past three and half years.

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Please comment on your ISO 14001:2015 transition experiences.

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