Engaging with risk in construction

CIRIA report C747 - Engaging with risk
CIRIA report C747 – Engaging with risk

CIRIA has released a free-download of a sister publication to Control of risk (SP125), which provides advice and methods for identifying, assessing, monitoring and managing risks in an informed and structured manner. Additionally, it gives advice on how to implement effective risk management and control on construction projects and where to seek specialist advice.

The original document: Control of risk: a guide to the systematic management of risk from construction was first published in 1996 to help control risks from construction projects by introducing a simple, practical method of identifying assessing monitoring and managing risks from construction.

Since then, new management concepts are being continuously developed and refined and a range of new approaches are now in use on construction projects.

This new document brings together current best practice to give the reader an up-to-date perspective on current best practice. A selection of the tools and challenges that the publication include are:

  • Leadership and soft issues
  • High impact low probability risks
  • Discipline control and governance
  • Common language
  • Trigger levels and tipping points
  • Risk appetite
  • Culture
  • Balancing risk and opportunity
  • Uncertainty management
  • Integration and interconnectivity.

The free download of “Engaging with risk in construction”can be found at http://bit.ly/12Ul80h

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