Last chance to influence the development of ISO 14001:2015

BSI's Draft Review Web-site
BSI’s Draft Review Web-site

Following a number of posts including ISO DIS 14001 – Have Your Say!, there is only one more day to make your views known on the current draft International Standard.

ISO DIS 14001 was released as the official Draft International Standard for Public Comment (DPC) for purchase through the ISO website or locally, through the National Standards Bodies, such as BSI in the United Kingdom.

It is possible to view the text from ISO DIS 14001 and to make comments directly to BSI “free of change”. You should go to their Draft Review section of their website at, where you will need to register for free access.

Please take time to review ISO DIS 14001 as it will have significant influence over Environmental Management Systems for at least the next five years.

The deadline for comment on the ISO DIS 14001 to BSI is 31 October 2014.

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