Remote Assessment Guidance for UKAS Customers

UKAS have published their guidance on deploying their Remote Assessment for their customers, the UKAS-accredited bodies.

I am sure that you will have read about the current situation regarding the escalating effects of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak across the world. In response, the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) has taken action to roll-out their remote assessment programme.

The guidance outlines what Certification Bodies can expect from a remote assessment, which is conducted off site, either in whole or in part. Generally, the Remote Assessments will make use of technology, such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom Meeting or GoTo Meeting.

The structure of the Remote Assessment will be similar to the “face-to-face” Assessments, such as opening and closing meetings & review of documented information.

When assessments are conducted via web-conference technology, UKAS recommended that both parties use screen sharing and web-cam functionality to reduce the amount of data and information that has to be transferred between your organisation and UKAS.

The guidance provides further outline of the Remote Assessment, the use of technology and the supporting processes.

In addition, the guidance covers the witnessing of technical activities by one of three protocols:

  1. Live streaming
  2. Video recordings
  3. Post audit reviews

A copy of the Guidance document: Remote Assessment Guidance for UKAS Customers can be downloaded here

Certification Bodies and their certified clients should be aware of the accreditation assessment processes by:

  1. Obtaining copies of the Guidance document: Remote Assessment Guidance for UKAS Customers
  2. Taking appropriate action in response to the development of their strategy for the management of the UKAS Remote Assessments during the current situation
  3. Engage in the Remote Assessment process based on the UKAS guidance
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