Beat Plastic Pollution: Six Months on

Beat Plastic PollutionThis article is the third in a series, which looks at my personal progress made over the past six months of “going plastic-less” since World Environment Day 2018 (5 June 2018), which had the theme of “Beat Plastic Pollution”.

My two earlier posts on my plastic-less journey at one month (Beat Plastic Pollution: One Month on) & three months (Beat Plastic Pollution: Three Months on) can be viewed on the website.

At this six-month anniversary in my “plastic-less” journey, I have maintained my pledge to:

1. Reduce the plastic content of my shopping

Shopping with a Wicker BasketSince my three month update, some of our shopping has been at the larger supermarkets with some plastic waste being generated, which I hope to qualify for my next report.

However, we have continued to shop at our local shops, particularly at the green grocer which offers wicker baskets to carry my shopping and paper bags to take the shopping home.

Even more, my 92-year old Mother is so keen on reducing her plastic waste that she has been asking questions on the commitments to reduce plastic of the managers at our local Asda, Tesco and Waitrose supermarkets.

2. Reduce disposable water bottle waste

The re-usable water bottle for my journeys away from the home was “missing in action” a few weeks ago, which was a sad loss.

As I lost my reusable bottle, I did buy a non-reusable bottle of water as a temporary water bottle and have been using it for the past two weeks. That said, the bottle has had a longer life than a “single-use” plastic bottle would normally have & I will ensure that the bottle is recycled.

My new replacement bottle is “on its way” as an early Christmas present & it will be put into good use for rehydrating before client meetings in December.

Over the past three months, I was heartened to see that water refill points are available in Central London especially at mainline stations, such as London Victoria, which is the terminus for my train services from Chichester.

3. Reduce the use of disposable take-away cups
Choose China Cups over Disposable CupsDuring the past months, I have not used the take-away option at any Coffee Shops & instead have preferred to relax and enjoy my drink. The photograph, above, and the equations, below, are an illustration of the options that you have available:

China cup + Drink inside the coffee shop = Relaxation and a Sustainable option

Disposable Cup + Drinking outside = Stress and an environmental impact

After reading this article, please catch-up on my nine-part series of videos on my YouTube Channel, which can be accessed here covering my “love/hate” addiction to the use of plastic in my personal and business life together with suggestions on how you can go “Plastic-less”.

My nine video series covered the following topics:

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Plastic-less Video 6: National Fish and Chip Day 2018

Plastic-less Video 7: A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Plastic-less Video 8: A Night at a Hotel

Plastic-less Video 9: A Celebration

Don’t forget to comment on how your plastic-less pledge is going & leave your feedback on this article.


  1. Take the time to watch each of the videos in my series on going Plastic-less
  2. Make notes on the issues raised and the suggestions at the end of each video on how to go Plastic-less
  3. Take the pledge to go Plastic-less and share your progress.
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