Beat Plastic Pollution: One Month on

Beat Plastic PollutionThis article looks at my personal progress made over the past month since World Environment Day 2018, which had the theme of “Beat Plastic Pollution”.

Since my public postings of video and written articles, I have maintained my pledge to:

  1. Reduce the plastic content of my shopping
    By shopping at local shops offering wicker baskets to carry my shopping and paper bags to take the shopping home
  2. Reduce disposable water bottle waste
    I have brought a re-usable water bottle for my journeys away from the home but have found it difficult to find refill stations.
  3. Reduce the use of disposable take-away cups
    During the past month, I have not used the take-away option at any Coffee Shop & instead have preferred to relax and enjoy my drink.

After reading this article, please catch-up on my nine-part series of videos on my YouTube Channel, which can be accessed here covering my “love/hate” addiction to the use of plastic in my personal and business life together with suggestions on how you can go “Plastic-less”.

My nine video series covered the following topics:

Plastic-less Video 1: A Personal Confession & Exploration

Plastic-less Video 2: A Tale of Two Shopping Bags

Plastic-less Video 3: Waste Weighing and Audit

Plastic-less Video 4: A Hot Chocolate Moment

Plastic-less Video 5: The Office

Plastic-less Video 6: National Fish and Chip Day 2018

Plastic-less Video 7: A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Plastic-less Video 8: A Night at a Hotel

Plastic-less Video 9: A Celebration

Don’t forget to comment on how your plastic-less pledge is going & leave any feedback on this article.


  1. Take the time to watch each of the videos in my series on going Plastic-less
  2. Make notes on the issues raised and the suggestions at the end of each video on how to go Plastic-less
  3. Take the pledge to go Plastic-less and share your progress.
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