Green GB Week – Wrap-Up (20 October 2018)

Over the past week, this website has been posting five posts on each of the days of the first Green GB Week marking the 10th anniversary of the Climate Change Act 2008.

Green GB Week is an opportunity to bring the whole country together to celebrate UK leadership and look forward to the next ten years, where we can seize the opportunities of clean growth.

It has been conceived as a series of week-long events and activity bringing together businesses, schools, colleges, universities, community groups, and charities to explore how clean growth will change our futures and others can contribute to action on climate change.

The intention is for Green GB Week to promote the scale of the opportunities to reduce emissions, grow the low carbon economy and create a better environment.

This Wrap-Up Day (20 October 2018) looks at the themes from the five days making up the first Green GB Week, namely:

Day 1 (15 October 2018) – UK leading the world
Day 2 (16 October 2018) – Technologies of the future: clean growth and innovation
Day 3 (17 October 2018) – Financing the low carbon economy
Day 4 (18 October 2018) – Clean growth as a business opportunity
Day 5 (19 October 2018) – Climate action in communities

Each of these themes formed the foundation of a Clean Growth and Low Carbon economy as promoted throughout the first Green GB Week.

Take time to visit the Green GB Week website & consider how you can take the themes from the first Green GB Week and contribute to Clean Growth and Low Carbon economy, in your personal, business and community life, beyond the boundaries of this week.


  1. Review the content of the Green GB website for opportunities to develop a Clean Growth and a Low Carbon economy in the areas, where you live and work.
  2. Consider any activities, such as social media, that can spread the message of individual, business and community action on clean growth and climate change.
  3. Consider the all of the themes from Day 1 to 5 (15 – 19 October 2018) & what will be your next steps – Leave a comment in this post.

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