ANSI celebrates Its 100th Year as part of the U.S. Voluntary Standards Community

In recognition of the 100th anniversary of its founding in 1918, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), coordinator of the U.S. voluntary standards and conformance system, has released an array of multimedia resources that illustrate standardization’s dynamic role in fostering progress, safety, and innovation in the United States and beyond.

A new commemorative webpage,, features historical content, event information, and a growing set of interactive tools and videos detailing how ANSI and its members, partners, and stakeholders have evolved to meet the needs of U.S. industry, government, and citizens over ten decades.

100 Years of Standards & Conformity Assessment
ANSI was originally established on 19 October 19 1918, as the American Engineering Standards Committee (AESC) – an impartial national body to coordinate standards development, approve national consensus standards, and halt user confusion on acceptability.

Since then, ANSI has led and supported the voluntary standardization community in critical work that has fostered significant U.S. advancements and milestones – from the post-war industrial production boom to the wave of technological innovations sweeping the nation today.

On 19 October 2018, ANSI is celebrating this record of achievement with the newly launched “100 Years of ANSI” interactive gallery and 100th anniversary timeline , which looks at the Institute’s transformation through the decades, its long-term impact on trade and the global supply chain, and the standards and conformance–based initiatives, collaboratives, and accreditation solutions that strengthen U.S. competitiveness and quality of life. These historical overviews highlight efforts on both the domestic and international fronts, and illustrate how ANSI and its partners have supported a wide array of sectors throughout its history as industrial, technological, and societal landscapes evolve.

In recognition of its history, S. Joe Bhatia (ANSI president and CEO) has said

“For a century, ANSI has played an integral part in supporting America’s growth and safety, and continues to improve the quality of life for millions. I’m honored to take part in this legacy, as ANSI, its staff, and our highly collaborative standardization community continue to lead exciting efforts that lay the foundation for innovative breakthroughs for generations to come.”

ANSI will host a number of special events and activities in 2018 in recognition of its 100th anniversary.

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