Environment Agency ESOS Newsletter No. 3 – 2016

ESOS Newsletter Issue 3 2016

Following my earlier posts regarding the Environment Agency’s Newsletters on the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (see Environment Agency ESOS Newsletter No. 1), the Environment Agency has published its third newsletter for 2016.

As the impact of the first phase of ESOS is being evaluated, this newsletter covers four topics:

July data publication
The dataset of organisations that have completed their Notification of Compliance by 30 June 2016 including those organisations who have attained ISO 50001 status is available here.

ESOS enforcement update
The joint Environment Agencies have identified 1,700 organisations (with 1,500 of those organisations are regulated by the Environment Agency) that they believe are required to comply with the ESOS Regulation but have failed to complete their Notification of Compliance by 30 June 2016.

The Agencies will, normally, use enforcement notices to bring organisations into compliance, serving civil penalties only in the most serious cases. Compliance notices can be served in cases where they suspect a breach and require further information.

An additional 150 organisations have submitted an ‘Intent to Comply Late Notification’ but have not yet submitted a full Compliance Notification. The Agencies are monitoring their progress towards compliance and will be issuing Enforcement Notices to bring them into compliance where necessary.

DECC survey
The former, Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) (now, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) have commissioned Ipsos Mori and University College London to undertake research on energy efficiency measures taken up by businesses across the UK.

The survey will consist of a 20 minute telephone survey and, for a small number of organisations, a follow-up conversation of around 45 minutes. Organisations across all sectors are being contacted by the research team for this work during July and August.

The findings will feed into discussions on future energy efficiency policy and all ESOS organisations are encouraged to participate to provide their feedback and comments on their experience of the ESOS Regulation.

ESOS compliance audit project
The Environment Agency provides some details from their audit of ESOS Assessments with 51 compliance audits carried out between January and April 2016. All 51 ESOS Assessments showed a positive level of compliance with the Regulations.

Further compliance audits will take place from August 2016 onwards.

A copy of the third Newsletter (2016) can be downloaded here

If you want to keep up-to-date with the developments in ESOS, I recommend registering your interest in subscribing to the Environment Agency’s ESOS Newsletter by sending an e-mail to esos@environment-agency.gov.uk

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