Update on Apple’s Environmental Initiatives: Renewable energy & Recycling

Environment Initiatives presented at the Apple Keynote on 21 March 2016
Environment Initiatives presented at the Apple Keynote on 21 March 2016

It was good to see that the Environment featured highly in the recent Apple Keynote (21 March 2016) presenting their new products, such as the new Apple iPhone and iPad Pro. Indeed, nearly 15% of the hour-long keynote highlighted Apple’s Environmental Initiatives

The presentation showed the progress that Apple are making in using renewable energy for their shops and operation of the infrastructure for its services, such as iCloud and Siri. The current headline figure is 93%.

Recycling features a cute robot called Liam, who works on the recycling of iPhones to disassemble the valuable parts of the phone; its aluminium case, lithium from the battery and gold from the camera assembly. Several YouTube videos are available that show Liam working on the recycling of an iPhone with the official Apple video trending with over 1 million hits. Liam’s YouTube video can be viewed here

Whilst there are businesses that can arguable be making greater progress in the sustainability space than Apple, Apple should be recognised for the work that they have done for the environment as well as taking a leadership position especially at one of they keynotes to the world’s IT press and media.

If you want to catch-up on the presentation on renewable energy and recycling, it is at 04:26 – 13:26 on the link to the keynote on the Apple website here

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