ISO FDIS 14001:2015 is available

The revision of ISO 14001 moves to the final Draft International Standard before final publication in September 2015
The revision of ISO 14001 moves to the Draft International Standard version before final publication in September 2015

With the recent publication of ISO FDIS 14001:2015 heralds the imminent publication of the final revision of ISO 14001 later in September 2015.

The Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) version of ISO 14001 brings us ever closer to the closing stages of its revision journey, which has been chronicled on this site over the past three years.

No further technical changes are expected to be made before the publication of the final version later in September 2015.

Readers of this site will recall that the new International Standard will ensure that environmental management is, now, completely integrated and aligned with the organisation’s business strategy.

The key new areas covered in the standard are

  • Strengthened relationship between environmental performance and the strategic direction of an organization
  • Greater level of detail on environmental objectives which now have to reflect changed planning process
  • Integration of the EMS into your organization’s business processes
  • Enhanced leadership requirements and increased communication requirements
  • Increased focus on subjects such as transparency and accountability in environmental management issues and performance

National Standards Bodies, such as ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and BSI (British Standards Institution) are offering the DIS version for those organisations wishing to keep up with the changes prior to the final publication.

Copies of ISO FDIS 14001:2015 can be obtained from ANSI at & BSI at

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