ISSP Certified Sustainability Professionals

ISSP Sustainability Professional Certification
ISSP Sustainability Professional Certification

International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) working on the delivery of a Certified Sustainability Professional (CSP) qualification.

This initiative is much-needed to bring consistency, standardisation, and credibility to the sustainability profession.

The certification process will include verification of a candidate’s credentials and experience, in addition to demonstrated knowledge in the field through completion of a qualifying test.

Currently, the test is under-development with ISSP members through a professional committee contributing questions to generate a test item bank containing at least 1,000 valid and reliable multiple-choice test items.

The benefits of the Sustainability Professional Certification Program will be:

  • Greater cohesion and definition to the emerging profession of sustainability
  • Enhanced credibility for employers and assurance of a standard level of competency of the sustainability professional
  • To provide evidence of competency for sustainability practitioners, furthering their credibility, influence and career advancement opportunities.

It is planned to have a Beta launch in March 2015 and a Certification 1.0 launch later in November 2015.

Further information on the development of the Certified Sustainability Professional can be found at the ISSP’s website at


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