Greenhouse Gas Protocol: Scope 2 Emissions

On 20 January 2015, the World Resources Institute through their Greenhouse Gas Protocol will unveil new requirements and quality criteria for the Corporate Standard that resolve ambiguity around how corporations report Scope 2 emissions – those from purchased electricity, steam, heat, and cooling.

These new requirements – the most significant updates to the GHGP Corporate Standard in over a decade – strengthen the rigor and consistency of emissions reporting and recognize the diversity of market instruments and supplier arrangements.

Three individual launch events for the Scope 2 Guidance will take place later this month in London, Brussels and Washington, DC. Each will outline the changes, feature dynamic discussions about how this new common framework will transform corporate energy purchasing and showcase many companies that are already putting the recommendations into practice.

If you are interested to attend one of these events, please go to the relevant link, below:

London – 21 January 2015
Featuring panelists from IKEA, EY, Carbon Neutral Company, EDF, Aldersgate Group

Brussels – 22 January 2015
Featuring panelists from CDP, Ecohz, Ostfold Research Institute

Washington, USA – 30 January 2015
Featuring panelists from Google, WSP, US Environmental Protection Agency

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