WIDP Guidance on Contract Management


The proposed guidance document aims to help local authorities apply best practice based on a good understanding of the terms of their contract and the management challenges posed by the complex contracts found in the waste sector.

The WIDP states that the objectives of contract management are to:

  • Protect the local authority from dilution of the negotiated commercial position over the life of the contract
  • Ensure that the local authority receives what it is paying for
  • Make sure that the works and services that the local authority has procured are delivered and that a high level of service is provided to users
  • Monitor performance so as to assure delivery of the service to the contracted standard and report benefits to WIDP

Whilst the proposed guidance is stated as being principally for the benefit of local authorities, WIDP has suggested that contractors will also find value in reviewing it. WIDP are keen to have input on the proposed guidance document from all parties with relevant experience in the waste sector – including contractors.

Further details of the WIDP consultation can be found at http://bit.ly/zkGp1T

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