ASA Adjudication on ExxonMobil UK Ltd

It is good to see the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) taking action with its new-found powers (see ASA to regulate on-line “Green Claims”) over the ExxonMobil UK Ltd advert claiming research into algae-based biofuels could help counter climate change.

The TV advert featured a scientist talking about researching algae as a source of biofuel, in which he said, “In using algae to form biofuels, we’re not competing with the food supply, and they absorb CO2, so they help solve the greenhouse problem as well.”

Now, the advert has been banned after the ASA ruled the claim was exaggerated and misleading. The decision was made after the ASA received a complaint that the ad misleadingly implied that the biofuel technology would reduce CO2 levels.

The complainant’s view was upheld, that any carbon dioxide (CO2) absorbed by algae would be re-released back into the atmosphere when it was burned as fuel & objected that the ad misleadingly implied that the technology would reduce CO2 levels.

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