How the Poppy is changing in 2023!

In this article, I look at the innovative change to the traditional Poppy in 2023.

The red Poppy emerged as a symbol of remembrance after the First World War to remember the sad loss of life in all wars and conflicts as well as funds for the vital support through the Royal British Legion to serving and ex-serving personnel and their families in their recovery from injuries and transition to civilian life.

Traditionally, Poppies are worn in the United Kingdom from mid-October until 11 November, the last day of World War One.

Over the past decades, poppies worn during the Poppy Appeal have come in a range of shapes and sizes. They, originally, were made of handmade silk and cotton through to the poppy introduced in the 1980s made of paper and plastic.

Now, 2023, has brought the biggest change in the poppy’s design for a generation. After over three years in development, the Royal British Legion have produced a plastic-free poppy, made entirely from paper that is completely recyclable at home.  A win for beat plastic pollution.

The new plastic-free version is made of paper created from fibres from renewable sources including offcuts from coffee cups. So the iconic Poppy can reflect the innovative new design features combined with the traditional poppy shape including a black centre embossed with ‘Poppy Appeal’, and a leaf with a crease. It can be fastened with a pin in the stem or worn in a buttonhole.

So this year, wearing the Poppy can not , only, remember past conflicts but, also, it can be environmentally-friendly and recycled

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