Innovation in EV Charging

There needs to be an innovative solution to the everyday charging of electric vehicles.

In a world where the transition to NetZero embraces Electric Vehicles, there are logistical problems for some EV owners to charge their vehicles especially when parked on the road.

This article looks at innovation in electric vehicle charging, which could revolutionise the uptake of EVs by making charging easier for owners who live or travel in urban areas.

Up and until now, there have been two main options for charging an EV:

The first is to have a home charging system located in and around your home in in the attached garage.

The second charging method is to use a commercial charging station located at places, such as large car parks, supermarkets and at motorway service stations.

Now, those charging options work well for two discrete types of EV owners, who also own or rent their own home with an installed charger & those who travel extensively on the national motorway network.

However, these two charging options do not address the wider community of potential EV owners, who neither have access to their own charger or only want to travel locally within their own city, town or village in its local environs.

Enter the option to charge EVs using the infrastructure, which is available on almost all of our streets. The humble lamppost…

Almost every road and street in cities, towns and our villages up and down the country have a lamppost.

Normally, the lamppost is there for road and pedestrian safety by providing illumination powered by electricity as part of the infrastructure provided by the local authority.

Now, the key part of the EV charging innovation is the potential to convert these lampposts into a small-scale charging network for electric vehicles.

One such use of our lampposts as EV chargers is being provided by SureCharge, which is part of FM Conway Ltd. Each of their converted lamp-post chargers can offer up to 5.5kWh charging at a current rate as of September 2022, of 28p per kWh (kilowatt hour, which is a good deal in this time of increasing energy prices.

This charging network is even more accessible given that it operates on a pay-as-you-go basis, with no subscriptions. Each lamp-post charger can be used with the SureCharge app then following simple instructions, plugin and charge.

Even better for those looking for a green environmental option to charge their EV is that the network operates on 100% renewable energy for an 100% eco-friendly option.

You can find out more about this electric vehicle charging option by visiting the FM Conway website, its Frequency Asked Questions & the SureCharge app in Apple App Store & Google Play.

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