SSE & its Net-Zero Projects – Net-Zero in the Energy Sector

The COP26 Green Zone provides a great opportunity for the public to interact with companies, who provide our energy utilities, in a meaningful way about how they are moving their operations to a NetZero economy and found out about the developments within SSE.

This article looks at a how the energy sector is moving forward with options to develop a NetZero delivery of electricity to our homes with wide ranging solutions to the generation and storage of energy generated from renewable sources, such as wind power, & how to support our informed use of electricity in our homes and businesses.

I spoke with Tunde Olaoye – Director of Smart Energy Systems Sector at SSE, who gave a whirl-wind tour of their Green Zone stand and the SSE developments in the energy sector covering:

  • The Dogger Bank offshore wind farm expected to be the largest in the world and capable for powering 6 million homes British homes.
  • Coire Glas, which is the first large scale pumped storage scheme to be developed in the UK for more than 30 years. It is a hydro pumped storage scheme with a potential capacity of up to 1500MW of pumped storage site with a large lower reservoir (Loch Lochy) and a significant elevation of more than 500m between the lower and the new upper reservoir site over a relatively short distance.
  • A game on help understand more about our own energy use and decisions that can be made in our personal life to reduce our carbon emissions and explore carbon capture and storage.
  • And, finally, using Augmented Reality (AR) to model and understand the use of energy with an example of the COP26 Blue Zone.

So, to summarise:

There are many positive developments that the energy sector as shown by SSE in leading the way with the development of wind farms, hydro-pumped storage, a game to understand our own carbon emissions and the use of Augmented Reality to model energy usage.

I am sure that we can expect further developments from SSE and other energy companies in the increased development of renewable energy and deployment of storage systems to support the potential ebb and flow of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind.

Many will look towards the energy sector and looking for significant developments to further reduce their carbon emissions, but we should, each, contribute our own contribution by reducing the energy that we use through simple actions like switching off lights and turning down the thermostat on our central heating.

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