3 Top IT Tips for the New Year 2021

As we head towards the beginning of a New Year, I have three Top IT Tips for finishing the current year, 2020 and preparing for the New Year 2021.

In this article, I have three Top IT Tips for ensuring that you successfully finish the current year, 2020 and prepare for the New Year 2021. Equally, these tips can be used at any-time of the year. There is even a bonus top, which can help to protect the environment and save you money.

Here are my three Top Tips…

Tidy-up Desktop
After a serious year of COVID-19 lockdowns and other restrictions, I have been working from home to a greater extent than ever before. I am sure that I am not the only one to save files to my desktop.

Over time, my desktop has been getting more and more untidy with saved files from online meetings, ISO Committee papers as well as preparing for our EMSmastery.com videos and blog posts.

So, my first tip is to spend some time to delete any duplicate or redundant files & save any valuable files to their true folder.

So, after a bit of a tidy up… You can see a real improvement in my laptop’s desktop.

That’s a lot better…

And while you are in the tidy-up mode, take some time to tidy up your physical desktop. I have been accumulating my documents, notes, cables & have changed my webcam locations for a specific meeting.

Now, is the time to make a tidy-up.

All done… And ready for the New Year.

Remember to keep a good discipline of a tidy desktop:

Take a Back-Up
My second tip is to take a Back-up of all your valuable files.

There are many things to know about back-up.

First thing first – Any backup is better than no backup.

So, get yourself a simple portable hard-disk for around £50 (or $50) and simply copy over all your valuable files.

That means whatever happens to your laptop or desktop, those files will be there for you.

The second thing is to set up a full backup system from now on.

You can use the Backup built into your computer, whether that is Time Machine for Apple computers or Windows Backup on most computers. These programs take system images of the copied files, either manually or automatically, which can be restore later.

Other solutions are available, which backup your files fully, say, each week or month and, incrementally, backup any changes made to files at the end of each day. Some of these backup programs may even be sold as part of your portable hard disk purchase.

Now, remember that a Backup process will allow you to store and protect your valuable files through three simple steps to:

Check Subscriptions and software licences
My third tip is about your software that you use on a daily basis. With many software companies, like Microsoft, going towards a subscription mode for their software, where you may a small amount each month to rent the software rather than a larger amount to buy the software outright.

A good example is Microsoft 365, which offers the popular Microsoft products; Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook as well as other useful software, such as OneDrive, which allows for your files to be synchronised into the cloud storage. OneDrive is not a full backup solution but can add to the safe storage of your valuable files.

It is good to check that your subscription is still active and will not expire, leaving you without access to, say, Word, for a vitally important document that needs to be delivered tomorrow.

While you are checking subscriptions, check whether you Anti-Virus subscription is still active. Mine runs out every year in the period between Christmas and the New Year, so I need to make sure it is updated and ready for the New Year. While you are checking on your Anti-Virus subscription, why not run the software to make sure that you’re a free of computer viruses, Malware, Spyware & Ransomware.

So, whatever software you use, take time to:

One Bonus tip – While we are looking at our computer, don’t forget to check the energy settings. These settings can control when your computer will turn off its display or put your computer to sleep to save energy use. Both of these settings can reduce energy, lower the cost of operating the computer and save carbon emissions and help combat climate change.

I hope that my three Top IT Tips will help you to prepare your laptop or desktop computer for the New Year & to give you confidence that your computer will be clean and tidy, your files will be backed up and safe from malware & your software will be ready and available to support you in your work going forward.

If you have any questions on my 3 Top IT Tips or want to share your own tips, please leave a comment below.

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