ISO 14016:2020 published

A new principles and guidelines standard for assuring the environmental information within organisational environmental reports has been published.

The new International Standard, ISO 14016:2020, gives principles and guidelines for assuring the environmental information, which an organization includes in its environmental reports.

The International Standard is divided into seven sections covering:

  1. Scope
  2. Normative References
  3. Terms and Definitions
  4. Principles
  5. Guidelines on planning and performing the assurance engagement
  6. Assurance statement and reporting
  7. Competence

The main sections are complimented by:

Annex A – Considerations in the assurance of environmental reports and reporting process


This document is applicable to assuring other types of reports in principle provided that special consideration is paid to identifying the competence needed by the assurance provider.

If you need to access the terms and definition only, and are not interested in Principles and other sections including the Annexes, then the ISO 14016:2020 terms and definitions are freely available through a “Preview” function here

1. If you need to understand assuring environmental reports, buy ISO 14016:2020
2. Review the principles and guidelines in ISO 14016:2020
3. Take appropriate action to to the assurance of environmental reports

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