ESOS Newsletter 1 – March 2020

The first ESOS Newsletter for 2020 has been released to assist ESOS Participants and their staff, such as Energy Managers, Environmental Managers, & other interested parties, such as ESOS Assessors & Environmental Consultants.

As a continuing commitment of the United Kingdom’s Environment Agencies to keep ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) stakeholders informed of the regulatory and procedural process, they have published their first newsletter for 2020.

The Newsletter published jointly by the Environment Agencies for the UK, namely, the Environment Agency (England), Natural Resources Wales, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Northern Ireland Environment Agency, covers six current topical issues:

1. Compliance Deadline
The compliance date for Phase 2 is given in The ESOS Regulations 2014 as the 5th December 2019. This is a fixed deadline.

There is no intention amongst the UK Regulators of ESOS to take a position, as was the case in Phase 1, where extra time was allowed for submissions before enforcement action was considered.

All qualifying organisations that did not complete an ESOS Assessment and submit a compliance notification using the Online Portal by the compliance deadline (5 December 2019) are, currently, at risk of enforcement action.

The period of time by which such organisations are late, and their efforts to comply, will be taken into consideration when determining any applicable enforcement action.

A number of penalties have been issued for failures in Phase 1 compliance ranging up to £45,000 with a potential maximum of £90,000.

2. Compliance Enforcement
Currently, the Regulators are issuing compliance notices to all corporate groups in the UK where they believe they may be required to participate in ESOS but we do not have a record of their having completed a notification.

The compliance notice requires the organisation to inform the regulator that they are in the process of completing their ESOS obligations or provide evidence that they have already submitted a notification or do not qualify for ESOS.

3. ESOS Compliance Audits
The Regulators are continuing their programme of compliance audits for ESOS participants.

All compliance audits are, now, being carried out on Phase 2 evidence packs. As they gather information from these audits, they will publish further information in future ESOS Newsletters on areas where participants are finding difficulties.

Further information can be found in the document, ESOS Compliance Audit – Need to Know 

4. Publication of ESOS Submissions
The Regulators have published a list of all the organisations who have made a submission to the ESOS notification system as of 1 February 2020. This spreadsheet can be downloaded here

5. ESOS Evaluation
An evaluation of ESOS carried out on behalf of BEIS, which has been published and can be found here

6. ESOS Notification System
The notification system for Phase 2 of ESOS is continues to be available for late notifications. The Phase 2 notification system is available here 

A copy of the ESOS Newsletter can be freely downloaded here

If you are looking for a guide through the complexities of the ESOS compliance obligations & to undertake your ESOS Assessment including the Energy Audit, I have considerable experience as a qualified IEMA ESOS Lead Energy Assessor & welcome your early contact.


  1. Review the content of the ESOS Newsletter (March 2020) in the context of your compliance obligation for the ESOS Regulations.
  2. Consider the compliance status with the ESOS Phase 2 period.
  3. Take appropriate actions for compliance or update on your ESOS documents.
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