Six steps to conserve energy

Having difficulty identifying energy savings opportunities for your business then try these six tips to conserve energy and save money.

The Carbon Trust has developed a simple guide to effective energy management for businesses.

Here are their six main steps to save energy:

Step 1 – What gets measured gets managed
Plan a programme of reading your energy meters on a regular basis and analyse your energy performance against your benchmarks for your business sector

Step 2 – Purchasing power
Plan to review your energy contracts before they expire to obtain competitive quotations from several suppliers in advance of the termination notice period.

Step 3 – Switch on to switching off
Develop a strategy of labelling key equipment using a Red (Leave switched ON; critical equipment), Amber (Check before switching-off) and Green (SWITCH-OFF at closing time or the end of a production run).

Step 4 – Employee engagement
Develop employee participation and engagement with a three stage approach: research and development, delivery and monitoring.

Step 5 – Invest to save
Review your equipment and determine the top three energy saving technologies can help your business. Consider; LED lighting, refrigeration and air compression.

Step 6 – Smart money
Develop a procurement policy that uses ‘life cycle costs’ to ensure that the energy efficiency of equipment influences purchasing decisions.

1. Download the Effective energy management for business guide here
2. Review the content of the guide
3. Work though the six steps to become a more, energy efficient business
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