Accreditation Day – 9 June 2019

This year’s World Accreditation Day takes place on 9 June 2019 will focus on how accreditation adds value to supply chains and procurement activities.

This annual event has become increasingly important to recognise and celebrate the value of accreditation, accredited conformity assessment and the use of standards. 

There are many industries and sectors that are directly impacted by the over-sight that accreditation provides.

Even if you don’t think that accreditation is relevant to you or your business, you will find much in the event to highlight accreditation.

Look at laboratory testing of products and goods & the certification of management systems (i.e. ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015) of suppliers, which will support your business.

Public Sector Resources can be found a Public Sector Assurance website, that has been jointly created by global quality infrastructure organisations. This site includes further examples and research to demonstrate the value that accreditation plays in this sector.

Additionally, there are further examples on the Business Benefits site that can be used to support your activity.  

A brochure and poster have been produced to include global examples to demonstrate how accreditation operates across all sector supply chains.

Audio Visual media is available on YouTube to further support the campaign for WAD2019 has been released and is available from the IAF/ILAC YouTube channel. The English version is available here


  1. Review the resources available from the Accreditation Day website & other site to understand the benefits of accreditation
  2. Consider the role of accreditation in relation to your business and personal life
  3. Contribute the Accreditation Day through social media using #WAD2019 and in your business conversations during the week
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