Transition Period for ISO 14064-2:2019 that ISO 14064-2:2019 have been published, what is the transition period?

Given the publication of ISO 14064-2:2019 (Publication Date: 16 April 2019), it is important to consider how your organisation is going to make the transitional to these revised International Standards as it replaces ISO 14064-2:2006.

As you will be aware ISO 14064-2 is the International Standard which specifies the principles and requirements and provides guidance at the project level for the quantification, monitoring and reporting of activities intended to cause greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions or removal enhancements. It includes requirements for planning a GHG project, identifying and selecting GHG sources, sinks and reservoirs (SSRs) relevant to the project and baseline scenario, monitoring, quantifying, documenting and reporting GHG project performance and managing data quality.

The main changes compared with the previous edition are as follows:

  • the concept of additionality and the baseline scenario have been changed;
  • text related to the Kyoto mechanism has been deleted.

The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) published a Resolution 2017-15 earlier in 2017 to describe the Transitional Arrangements for the revision of ISO 14064-2:2006. Additionally, see the earlier post on the transition arrangements for ISO 14064-1:2018 at ISO 14064-1:2018 on GHG Reporting published).

The IAF General Assembly, acting on the recommendation of the Technical Committee, resolved that the Transitional Arrangement for the Revision of ISO 14064-2:2006 be three years from the date of publication of the revised standard.

As the publication date is 16 April 2019, the transitional period of three years ends on 15 April 2021.

Within this transition timeline:

  • Accreditation Bodies (ABs) shall be ready to carry out transition assessment for ISO 14064-2:2018 within 6 months from the date of publication of the revised standard. Note: If there is an exception to the above, the AB shall justify the exception based on valid reasons.
  • Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) shall complete the transition with ABs for ISO 14064-2:2018 within 3 years from the date of publication of the revised standard.
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