Revised ESOS guidance published

Revised ESOS guidance published

Need the latest guidance on compliance with the ESOS Regulation…
Then this is the right place.

The United Kingdom’s Environment Agencies have revised their guidance on how to comply with the requirements of the ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) for Phase 2.

The latest Guidance (now, at Version 6) provides updates, clarifications and amendments throughout the document in relation to meeting your Participant obligations under Phase 2.

The Guidance provides clear flowcharts for the completion of your ESOS Assessment and Energy Audit as well as useful tables outlining the Compliance Periods & key dates including the Phase 2 Compliance Date (5 December 2019).

If your organization is obligated under the ESOS Regulations then you should download the latest ESOS Guidance, which can be freely downloaded here

If you are looking for a guide through the complexities of the ESOS compliance obligations & to undertake your ESOS Assessment including the Energy Audit, I have considerable experience as a qualified IEMA ESOS Lead Energy Assessor & welcome your early contact.


  1. Review the content of the ESOS Guidance (Version 6) in the context of your compliance obligation for the ESOS Regulations.
  2. Consider the timing of your energy audit within the Phase 2 period.
  3. Move forward with the preparation of your energy data for the energy audit and assessment to meet the Compliance Deadline (5 December 2019) in conjunction with your ESOS Energy Assessor.
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