Green GB Week – Day 3 (17 October 2018)

Today (17 October 2018) is Day 3 and midway through the first Green GB Week marking the 10th anniversary of the Climate Change Act 2008.

Green GB Week is an opportunity to bring the whole country together to celebrate UK leadership and look forward to the next ten years, where we can seize the opportunities of clean growth.

It has been conceived as a series of week-long events and activity bringing together businesses, schools, colleges, universities, community groups, and charities to explore how clean growth will change our futures and others can contribute to action on climate change.

The intention is for Green GB Week to promote the scale of the opportunities to reduce emissions, grow the low carbon economy and create a better environment.

Day 3 (17 October 2018) looks at the financing the low carbon economy & how the financial sector can work with Government and businesses to deliver clean growth for the country ensuring that the economy can grow while reducing greenhouse gas emissions leading to a low carbon economy.

It is the financial investment in environmental technology, infrastructure and services that can create jobs and drive cleaner, more climate resilient, economic growth.

Here are three facts about the UK leadership on financing a Clean Growth & Low Carbon economy:

  1. The low carbon economy supports local economies, such as in Oxfordshire, which has a turnover of £1.15 billion supporting 8,800 jobs and represents 7% of the local economy.
  2. In Scotland, the value of the low carbon economy was £5.8 billion in 2016, supporting 24,000 jobs and 9,000 businesses.
  3. In Northern Ireland, the value of the new low carbon economy was £1 billion in 2016,
    supporting 6000 jobs and 4500 businesses.

Take time to visit the Green GB Week website & consider how you can contribute the week’s activities and beyond.


  1. Review the content of the Green GB website in the context of your views on the UK’s financial sector and the opportunities for financial leadership to contribute to a clean growth economy.
  2. Consider any activities, such as social media, that can spread the message of a celebration of UK leadership on financing climate action & explaining the latest science on climate – Leave a comment in this post.
  3. Consider the theme for Day 4 (18 October 2018) covering clean growth as a business opportunity.

#GreenGB #Cleangrowth or #cleanuk @beisgovuk

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