Brexit Briefing: Weekly Media Summary – 23 March 2018

Brexit Briefing - Weekly Summary

This Friday’s edition of the Brexit Briefing is part of the series of posts to highlight articles published in the media covering Brexit from an environmental perspective.

The articles are presented in chronological order with the most recent articles first. They are not presented in any specific order of importance & are provided as a selected sample of news articles to promote understanding of the key environmental issues as they develop during the Brexit process.

The selected articles from this past week, which saw the UK and EU agreeing to the Transitional Period, the negotiations resume in Brussels & PM Theresa May arriving in Brussels for the first time in 2018 to promote a new “spirit of co-operation and opportunity”, are:

Chemical companies fear toxic consequences of Brexit (Reuters, 23 March 2018)

Brexit: EU adopts guidelines for negotiations on future relations (BBC News, 23 March 2018)

Inside the Secret Plot to Reverse Brexit (Bloomberg, 23 March 2018)

New Brexit battle over no deal (Politico.EU, 23 March 2018)

Brexit: EU leaders set to discuss transition agreement (BBC News, 22 March 2018)

What does Brexit mean for the fishing industry? (Holyrood, 21 March 2018)

Brexit: Ministers suffer nuclear defeat in Lords (BBC News, 20 March 2018)

The Brexiteer and the newt – a case study in the EU, corporations and nature (Ecologist, 20 March 2018)

Spain refuses to back withdrawal deal over Gibraltar concerns (The Guardian, 20 March 2018)

The UK and EU agree terms for Brexit transition period (BBC News, 19 March 2018)

VIDEO: What will Brexit mean for the environment? (Ecologist, 19 March 2018)

Brexit: Commons committee split over transition call (BBC News, 18 March 2018)

U.K. and EU Agree to Brexit Transition as Irish Puzzle Persists (Bloomberg, 19 March 2018)

Scottish Greens gather for conference in Greenock (BT News, 17 March 2018)

Brexit: David Davis heads to Brussels for talks (BBC News, 16 March 2018)

Recapturing energy of 2014 top of Green agenda, co-convener says (CommonSpace, 16 March 2018)

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