Brexit Briefing: Weekly Media Summary – 2 February 2018

Brexit Briefing - Weekly Summary

This Friday’s edition of the Brexit Briefing is part of the series of posts to highlight articles published in the media covering Brexit from an environmental perspective.

The articles are presented in chronological order with the most recent articles first. They are not presented in any specific order of importance & are provided as a selected sample of news articles to promote understanding of the key environmental issues as they develop during the Brexit process.

The selected articles from this past week, which saw comments by President Trump on “How he would have managed Brexit”, fundamental differences in Conservative thinking on Brexit, Theresa May comes under fire from within her own Party, are:

Brighton peers criticise Brexit bill in House of Lords debate (Brighton and Hove News, 2 February 2018)

Under Pressure to Resign, U.K.’s May Says She’s ‘Not a Quitter’ (Bloomberg, 31 January 2018)

EU Agree Transitional Deal Guidelines “Within Two Minutes” as Conservative Party Pressure May for a Sincere Brexit (PoundSterlingLive, 31 January 2018)

UK poorer in every Brexit scenario, says leaked report (Economia, 30 January 2018)

Don’t just muddle through Brexit, ex-minister warns (BBC News, 30 January 2018)

U.K. Annoys EU With Call for Help Defining Brexit Plan, Sources Say (Bloomberg, 30 January 2018)

Ministers reject calls to publish leaked Brexit study (BBC News, 30 January 2018)

EU agrees Brexit ‘transition’ negotiation guidelines (BBC News, 29 January 2018)

Brexit: EU Withdrawal Bill fundamentally flawed, say peers (BBC News, 29 January 2018)

Conservatives ‘must come together’, says David Lidington (BBC News, 29 January 2018)

Jeremy Corbyn rules out second Brexit referendum (The Herald, 28 January 2018)

Trump on Brexit: ‘I would have negotiated differently’ (BBC News, 28 January 2018)

George Eustice – ‘Farmers should take another look at Countryside Stewardship Schemes’ (FarmersGuardian, 26 January 2018)

Report on the potential impact of Brexit published (Lexology, 26 January 2018)

EU Is Open to Brexit Transition Lasting Beyond 2020, Sources Say (Bloomberg, 26 January 2018)

Neonics, Brexit and beyond (Ecologist, 26 January 2018)

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