Starting on-site Guide for Construction

CIRIA Starting on-site Guidance
CIRIA Starting on-site Guidance
Whilst researching for useful guides for one of my clients in the construction sector, I found “Starting on-site”, which is a free publication made available by the Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA).

The guidance provides useful guidance for all parties involved in construction projects and can be applied to all work environments. It is not designed to address the human resources or the materials and equipment required, but it is meant to demonstrate a range of issues that should be addressed (or might need to be addressed),

The information provided should be used in a proportionate manner, but it should assist in identifying the important issues for each particular project.

It has specific sections on environmental protection, contracts and risk and Health & Safety. Whilst, it does not consider individual issues in-depth, it identifies the key issues signposts where more detailed information may be found.

It can also be used as a checklist, and searched for further details. In addition, it can be used as reference material for industry training and CPD.

A copy of the CIRIA Guidance can be freely downloaded here

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