Brexit Briefing: Weekly Media Summary – 11 August 2017

Brexit Briefing - Weekly Summary
Brexit Briefing – Weekly Summary

This Friday’s edition of the Brexit Briefing is part of the series of posts to highlight articles published in the media covering Brexit from an environmental perspective.

The articles are presented in chronological order with the most recent articles first. They are not presented in any specific order of importance & are provided as a selected sample of news articles to promote understanding of the key environmental issues as they develop during the Brexit process.

The selected articles this week are:

UK to sign deal with Scottish government before repeal bill (The Guardian, 10 August 2017)

Brexit: Ministers warned not to treat repeal bill as ‘blank cheque’ (BBC News, 10 August 2017)

UK govt close to publishing Brexit position papers – report (DigitalLook, 9 August 2017)

Brexit: The Future of the Environment in NI (CommunityNI, 9 August 2017)

Boris Johnson should be jailed over Brexit claims, says ex-David Davis aide (The Guardian, 9 August 2017)

Welsh Government must take the lead to ‘protect marine environments’ (ITV News, 9 August 2017)

Brexit Is A Catastrophe, Says David Davis’ Ex-Chief Of Staff James Chapman (HuffPost, 9 August 2017)

UK drifts closer to a Norway-style Brexit transition (Politico, 8 August 2017)

Flexibility essential for post-Brexit sustainability, says JLL UK (edie, 8 August 2017)

NFU Scotland wants ‘rational’ debate on future of GM food (The Scotsman, 8 August 2017)

The Guardian view on the judges and Brexit: ministers must come clean (The Guardian, 8 August 2017)

The Northern Irish border is a nightmare that could ultimately derail Brexit (BusinessInsiderUK, 8 August 2017)

UK judges need clarity after Brexit – Lord Neuberger (BBC News, 8 August 2017)

Is Brexit really happening? Some businesses don’t think so says cross-border report (The Irish News, 8 August 2017)

UK to seek transitional Brexit deal after call from farming coalition (FG Insight, 7 August 2017)

UK waste policy: Burning away recycling ambitions or ‘sleepwalking’ to capacity crisis? (, 7 August 2017)

SNP Minister insists Scotland’s GM crops ban must continue after Brexit (The Herald, 6 August 2017)

Brexit: Why ‘Project Fear’s’ Predictions Could Be Coming True After All (HuffPost, 5 August 2017)

Ian McConnell: Carry On meets Wile E Coyote as country heads towards that Brexit cliff edge (The Herald, 4 August 2017)

Boris Johnson And Michael Gove Should Be In Prison For Brexit ‘Lies’, Says Lord Sugar (HuffPost, 4 August 2017)

UK environment secretary endorses EU fishing access (Pan European Networks, 4 August 2017)

Business leaders demand end to cabinet Brexit “confusion” (The Herald, 4 August 2017)

We need to make a ‘Green Brexit’ work – Neil Parish MP column (Devon Live, 2 August 2017)

Job advertised for post at proposed watchdog to police post-Brexit trade (The Herald, 2 August 2017)

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