Brexit Briefing: Weekly Media Summary – 28 July 2017

Brexit Briefing - Weekly Summary
Brexit Briefing – Weekly Summary

This Friday’s edition of the Brexit Briefing is part of the series of posts to highlight articles published in the media covering Brexit from an environmental perspective.

The articles are presented in chronological order with the most recent articles first. They are not presented in any specific order of importance & are provided as a selected sample of news articles to promote understanding of the key environmental issues as they develop during the Brexit process.

The selected articles this week are:

Boris Johnson accused of Brexit ‘hornswoggle’ after insisting Britain won’t pay EU ‘divorce bill’ first (Independent, 27 July 2017)

Exclusive: EU threat to suspend Brexit talks unless Britain pays its divorce bill (The Telegraph, 27 July 2017)

Brexit chance to improve environment, NRW chief says (BBC, 27 July 2017)

Farming post-Brexit: the fate of agri-environment schemes (View from the Fence, 26 July 2017)

Brexit Counter-Revolution Still in Motion (CounterPunch, 26 July 2017)

Brexit ‘implementation phase’ would be in UK interest – Gove (Reuters, 26 July 2017)

Resurgence Talks: Craig Bennett – What Options for the Environment Post Brexit? (YouTube, 25 July 2017)

Michael Gove has become something of an eco-warrior. But is he all talk? (TheCanary, 25 July 2017)

Views aired on farming subsidies – Changes faced by the UK as it leaves the EU are set to be felt by businesses across the county’s agriculture industry (InCumbria, 25 July 2017)

Post-Brexit trade deals ‘threaten UK’s animal welfare standards’ (The Guardian, 25 July 2017)

Powers over agriculture should come straight to Wales, not sit in London after Brexit, says Lesley Griffiths (ITV News, 24 July 2017)

UK government tries to reassure Ulster farmers about post-Brexit subsidies (MercoNews, 24 July 2017)

Gove must follow through on talk of renewed waste plan (resource, 24 July 2017)

Could Michael Gove and Greg Clark become the eco-warriors the green economy has been waiting for? (BusinessGreen, 24 July 2017)

Brexit deal should not ‘drag on’ until after next election, says Liam Fox (The Guardian, 24 July 2017)

Post Brexit tranisitional period until 2022 ‘no big deal (The Scotsman, 23 July 2017)

Michael Gove sets outs reforms for post-Brexit farm subsidies which could pose threat to those in Scotland (The National, 22 July 2017)

Farming union labels Michael Gove’s vision for agriculture a ‘concern’ (FarmingUK, 22 July 2017)

Is there any such thing as a Green Brexit? (The New Economics Foundation, 21 July 2017)

Michael Gove’s green dream: like Brexit, the reality awaits (The Guardian, 21 July 2017)

Gove pledges to deliver a “green Brexit” (Adjacent Open Access, 21 July 2017)

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