Brexit Briefing: Weekly Media Summary – 7 July 2017

Brexit Briefing - Weekly Summary
Brexit Briefing – Weekly Summary

This Friday’s edition of the Brexit Briefing is part of the series of posts to highlight articles published in the media covering Brexit from an environmental perspective.

The articles are presented in chronological order with the most recent articles first. They are not presented in any specific order of importance & are provided as a selected sample of news articles to promote understanding of the key environmental issues as they develop during the Brexit process.

The selected articles this week are:

The harder the Brexit, the worse the climate impact, study warns (The Irish Times, 6 July 2017)

Seafood can’t be sacrificial lamb in Brexit negotiations (SeafoodSource, 6 July 2017)

Corbyn to Talk Brexit With EU’s Barnier, Sensing May Won’t Last (Bloomberg Politics News, 6 July 2017)

British strawberries could cost 50% more because of Brexit, MPs told (The Guardian, 6 July 2017)

What should the UK’s post-Brexit agri-environment policy look like? (British Ecological Society, 5 July 2017)

Farming leaders urged to adapt and grasp Brexit nettle (The Scotsman, 5 July 2017)

Stephen Hawking and the misanthropy of environmentalists (spiked, 5 July 2017)

UK withdrawal from EU fisheries agreement threatens marine environment (Deutsche Welle, 4 July 2017)

Vegetarian David Drew appointed as shadow Minister for Defra FG Insight, 4 July 2017)

BVA and RCVS lobby peers and MPs on Brexit (VetSurgeon, 4 July 2017)

After Brexit, will there be Irexit? Think tank says Ireland should seriously consider quitting EU (Yahoo, 4 July 2017)

Brexit will have devastating consequences for the environment – and that’s no accident (The Ecologist, 4 July 2017)

Jeremy Corbyn appoints clutch of unknowns to shadow frontbench The Guardian, 3 July 2017)

Gove signals support for green farming Brexit plan (businessGreen, 3 July 2017)

Dirty Brexit and the covert war on regulation (openDemocracyUK, 3 July 2017)

The UK needs more than just a foundation of environmentally friendly policies (Blasting news, 3 July 2017)


Lawyers plan to stop UK dropping EU rules on environment after Brexit (The Guardian, 3 July 2017)

UK to ‘take back control’ of waters after exiting fishing convention (The Guardian, 2 July 2017)

UK to withdraw from fishing deal that allows foreign countries to fish in British waters (itv, 2 July 2017)

Nightingales flourish but why is ‘rewilding’ the countryside controversial? (The Guardian, 2 July 2017)

Brexit and Trump affect UK and US perceptions as Canada tops reputation poll (TheDrum, 1 July 2017)

Three Scots in top 100 list of EU farming subsidy recipients The National, 1 July 2017)

Billionaires and millionaires ‘are being subsidised’ (InCumbria, 30 June 2017)

Think tank to move operations from London over Brexit (, 30 June 2017)

Bar Council: Brexit boost to small businesses as UK PLC risks losing EU procurement market (LondonLovesBusiness, 30 June 2017)

Irish Food Board: “Brexit Can be a Catalyst for Positive Changes (FoodIngredientsFirst, 30 June 2017)

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