The process for the Great Repeal Bill starts…

White Paper - Great Repeal Bill
White Paper – Great Repeal Bill

Following on from yesterday’s (29 March 2017) Prime Minister’s letter triggering the Article 50 process to facilitate the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, the UK Government have published the White Paper to start the process for the Great Repeal Bill.

As highlighted in yesterday’s post in relation to the Prime Minister’s letter, the White Paper sets out the principles for converting EU Law into UK Law on page 14 with references to paragraphs within the White Paper.

“The Bill will ensure that, wherever possible, the same rules and laws apply on the day after we leave the EU as before. This means that:

  • the Bill will convert directly-applicable EU law (EU regulations) into UK law (paragraph 2.4);
  • it will preserve all the laws we have made in the UK to implement our EU obligations (paragraph 2.5);
  • the rights in the EU treaties that can be relied on directly in court by an individual will continue to be available in UK law (paragraph 2.11); and
  • the Bill will provide that historic CJEU case law be given the same binding, or precedent, status in our courts as decisions of our own Supreme Court (paragraphs 2.12 to 2.17).”

However, the White Paper is short on direct references to environmental protection other than as an example on page 17 that:

“The Great Repeal Bill will ensure that the whole body of existing EU environmental law continues to have effect in UK law. This will provide businesses and stakeholders with maximum certainty as we leave the EU. We will then have the opportunity, over time, to ensure our legislative framework is outcome driven and delivers on our overall commitment to improve the environment within a generation. The Government recognises the need to consult on future changes to the regulatory frameworks, including through parliamentary scrutiny.”

It is important that, as environmentalists, we and the voice of the environment are heard in development of the Great Repeal Bill and subsequent consultations & not to be swept along by a media frenzy to eradicate all EU legislation at the cost of the United Kingdom and its environment.

To read and understand more about the White Paper, the proposals for the Great Repeal Bill and its impact on your business and the environment, a copy can be downloaded here

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