100 days to ESOS Compliance Deadline: Is Time Slipping Away?

ESOS - Is Time Slipping Away?
ESOS – Is Time Slipping Away?

The deadline for compliance to the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme is, now, only 100 days away.

So far to-date, there is but a small fraction of the estimated 14,000+ organisation that fall under the new ESOS energy efficiency scheme have met their legal requirements.

In an earlier report published by the energyst, a number of major concerns have already been raised regarding the ability of organisations to meet their ESOS compliance by the 5 December 2015 deadline.

At the time of the report (29 May 2015), it was found that there had been only 32 notifications of ESOS compliance.

Now the situation is not much better with only 120 organisations & with only 100 days left before the ESOS deadline (5 December 2015), there is a shortfall in ESOS Assessments.

Based on the current status, I estimate that 12.8 organisations must comply, every single day in order to meet UK ESOS deadlines by 5 December 2015.

There is a real concern of the ability of organisations to meet their compliance by the deadline & for ESOS Lead Assessors to maintain their standard of assessments and audits to ensure that an effective energy assessment is carried out.

With only 100 days to go this could be a serious risk for the 14,000+ organisations and Lead ESOS Assessors, to the Environment Agency & for the credability of the environmental creditials of the UK Government.

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