DECC Document: Approaches to ESOS Audits

DECC Document: Approaches to ESOS Audits
DECC Document: Approaches to ESOS Audits

After the issue of limited guidance from DECC (UK Department of Energy & Climate Change) and the Environment Agency on the expectations for the ESOS energy audit and assessment requirements & reporting  requirements, DECC have published a new ESOS document: Approaches to ESOS Audits.

The DECC document is intended to help provide supportive ‘best-practice’ advice on how to understand the flexible framework ESOS provides to maximise cost saving benefits for organisations.

However, the guidance is equally useful for ESOS Lead Assessors to ensure that there is a consistent approach to energy audits and assessments.

It is not mandatory guidance and does not replace the Environment Agency ESOS Compliance Guidance rather it was developed in response to feedback from business requesting more detailed advice on practical approaches to undertaking ESOS audits.

There are clarification to points on the minimum standard of an energy audit in relation to site visit sample sizes & referencing to Type 1 audit as defined in ISO 50002. Indeed the full audit cycle covering planning of an ESOS audit including development of the audit plan, site visit sample sizes and different types of audit are described.

The Annexes are wide-ranging and provide further description of the structure and content of the key ESOS document; Audit plan, Site survey report, Audit checklist, Audit report & ESOS evidence pack structure.

I am sure that more detailed reading of this document will raise additional issues but until then it is a welcome document that advances the consistency of ESOS Audits for the benefit of organisations obligated under the ESOS Regulations, our clients and for ourselves, as ESOS Lead Assessors.

A copy of the DECC document: Approaches to ESOS Audits can be downloaded here

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