ChargePoint Mapping for London

Energy Saving Trust's Chargepoint Mapping 2014
Energy Saving Trust’s Chargepoint Mapping 2014

One of the barriers to the take-up of electric vehicles is the lack of access to a network of rapid charge-points, which will enable fleets operating plug-in vehicles to maximise the use of their vehicles and encourage more fleets to acquire these vehicles by reducing the total cost of ownership.

Transport for London (TfL) have asked the Energy Saving Trust (EST) to research the locations for optimal rapid charge-points to support commercial vehicle fleets operating in London. Fleet operators have been invited to help map a locations for the proposed network of charge-points that would help further encourage the switch to plug-in vehicles and save money in the process.

Fleet operators operating plug-in vehicles, or fleets are encouraged to take part in the study. The fleet operators must meet the following criteria:

  • Operate a minimum of 10 commercial vehicles, of up to 12.5 tonnes GVW.
  • Operate vehicles partially or wholly within Greater London. Fleets could be based in London or based elsewhere but operate in London.
  • Fleets must be able to supply telematics or vehicle scheduling data for a minimum of three months. This could be historical data or collated from the time of application.

A copy of the application form to be part of the research study can be found at

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