Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme - Guidance for Householders
Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme – Guidance for Householders

A new scheme has been published by the United Kingdom’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) to help private plug-in vehicle owners offset some of the upfront cost of the purchase and installation of a dedicated domestic recharging unit

The UK Government has launched the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme which will be in place between 1 September 2014 and 31 March 2015. The scheme give assistance to householders who own, lease or have primary use of an eligible electric vehicle, where they may receive up to 75% (capped at £900, including VAT) off the total capital costs of the charge point and associated installation costs.

This grant scheme is consistent with the Government’s strategy on ultra-low emission vehicles and plug-in vehicle infrastructure as set out in “Making the Connection: the Plug-In Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy” published in June 20111. “Driving the future today: a strategy for ultra-low emission vehicles in the UK”, published in September 20132, which reinforced the Government’s commitments on infrastructure.

The key features of the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme are:

  • The grant is a 75% contribution towards the cost of one charge point and its installation up to a maximum of £900 (including VAT) per household/eligible vehicle.
  • Residents must provide evidence of ownership or be named as the primary user of an eligible plug-in vehicle in order to be able to qualify for the grant.
  • This grant scheme will run until 31 March 2015 or until the budget is exhausted.

The Government reserves the right to terminate the grant at any time but will aim to provide 4 weeks’ notice. The Government will honour grant claims made during this notice period following the announcement of the end of the scheme.

The grant must only be claimed on your behalf by suppliers which have been authorised by OLEV. Unauthorised suppliers cannot claim the grant.

All outstanding grant claims must be submitted to OLEV or its representatives by 8 May 2015. Any claims submitted after this date shall not be paid.

Further details can be found in the document: Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme – Guidelines for Householders: 1 September 2014 – 31 March 2015 at http://bit.ly/YVTeiK

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