Registered Environmental Technician Recognition

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The Society for the Environment has been at the forefront of leading in the recognition of environmental professionals through the Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) qualification and their role of addressing the pressing environmental challenges faced; locally, nationally and globally.

This recognition, only partly, addresses the increasing professionalisation of the environmental sector.

A wider number of technicians support the environmental and sustainability delivery but without an opportunity for formal recognition of their roles within the environmental profession will be a further component to the professionalising of the environmental sector.

In a recent development, the Society is addressing the supporting role of environmental technicians in response to a call by the Technicians Council to raise the profile, status and numbers of technicians in the workforce following an important report by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills.

The Society has, now, established a new professional register for Registered environmental Technicians (REnvTech), which will offer the dual opportunity of the recognition of the value and importance of technicians in a wide variety of environmentally related fields and provide a career ladder to Chartered status.

With over 8,000 CEnvs recognised, we can look forward to greater recognition for the role that REnvTechs bring to the environmental profession.

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