ISO 14001:2015 Timeline confirmed

For keen followers of all things connected with the development of ISO 14001 should note the following timeline for the final publication of the International Standard in 2015:

  1. May 2014: ISO/CD 14001.2 final comments resolution from ISO/TC 207/SC WG 5 and finalisation for DIS
  2. June 2014 – Final Preparation of DIS documentation
  3. July – August 2014: ISO 14001 DIS process begins at ISO
  4. September – December 2014: DIS with 3-month ballot period
  5. December 2014: Results of DIS vote and circulation of comments
    March 2015: ISO 14001 FDIS process begins at ISO
  6. April – May 2015: FDIS ballot
  7. June/July 2015: Publication

It should be noted that the next version DIS (Draft International Standard) will be available for public comment from September 2014 onwards. This will be the final opportunity to influence the International Standard before its final publication.

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