World Accreditation Day 2014

Accreditation: Delivering confidence in the provision of energy
Accreditation: Delivering confidence in the provision of energy

This year, World Accreditation Day will be commemorated on June 9th, 2014 with a focus on the role that accreditation plays in providing confidence in the provision of energy.

In a brochure describing the importance of accreditation, key environmental issues are highlighted including:

  • Raw materials, samples, products, services, management systems or personnel can be evaluated against specified requirements by testing and calibration laboratories, certification bodies, and inspection bodies (collectively known as conformity assessment bodies).
  • The accreditation of inspection bodies and inspection agencies, demonstrates that components supplied to nuclear plants are designed, constructed and tested in accordance with the applicable technical specifications.

  • Accreditation of verification bodies provides confidence for offshore clients in the oil and gas sector dependent on the inspection of equipment and rigs operating in harsh environments to meet critical performance and safety requirements.

  • ISO 50001 as the energy management system standard that provides organisations with a systematic approach to achieving continual improvement in energy performance. ISO 50001 aims to help organisations reduce energy use, resulting in a reduction in energy costs and also their carbon footprint.

  • Consumers seeking reassurance on the suitability of renewable energy products and installers can take confidence from accreditation. Products such as wind turbines or PPV Solar panels are tested in an accredited laboratory to measure performance, durability, safety and environmentally friendly considerations. Installation companies gain accredited certification to demonstrate compliance.

A copy of the World Accreditation Day brochure can be obtained at

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