Merry Christmas to all

Give an environmental gift
Give an environmental gift this Christmas

As part of the Christmas season, I would like to reflect on the wealth of my environmental posts over the past year and the many comments, which show that there is a great deal of interest and support for the environmental manages information provided through this website.

This year has seen coverage of:

  • New and developing International and British standards, such ISO 14001, ISO 17021, PAS 2070 and PAS 108, new protocols from the Carbon Disclosure Project and the Global Reporting Initiative
  • A significant study of the benefits of ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certification as well as a growing realisation that there is grounds for improvements by all stakeholders
  • Ground-breaking reporting on the sentencing guidelines for environmental offences and the impact on holders of environmental permits
  • Introduction of new regulatory requirements for Scrap Metal Dealers, Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) and a variety of guidance documents from the Environment Agency and other regulatory authorities
  • A continuing debates on the benefits of continued membership of the European Union & the technical issues for the extraction of shale gas and the environmental impacts of the fracking process

I am sure that 2014 will hold many challenges for environmental managers and others engaged in environmental management.

Until then, I will send my best wishes for Christmas to you all  & look forward to sharing all that the New Year brings to those involved in environmental management.

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