New version of guidance on Hazardous Waste published

Technical Guidance WM2 - Third Edition 2013
Technical Guidance WM2 – Third Edition 2013

The Environment Agency has released a 3rd edition of its guidance “Hazardous Waste: Interpretation of the definition and classification of hazardous waste.”

I was privileged to be involved in the drafting of the original guidance on the Hazardous Waste Regulations and it is good to see the guidance maintaining currency with the latest developments for the assessment and classification of hazardous waste

The third edition (2013) of WM2 includes:

  • an updated assessment framework
  • revised guidance on the List of Wastes, with supporting examples for key waste streams
  • updated advice on data sources and use of safety data sheets
  • more concise information on assessment of hazardous┬áproperties (Appendix C), with updated methodology for H4/H8 Irritant/Corrosive
  • a separate supplement on waste sampling (Appendix D)

A full copy of the Technical Guidance document can be found at:

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