New environmental laws for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

If you are an environmental compliance professional with an international remit or an EMS Auditor with an international portfolio then you will know how difficult it can be to keep up-to-date with changes of environmental legislation.

I have experienced this problem first-hand. Any opportunity to update on new legislation is welcomed from whatever sources may be available. One such opportunity has come to my attention through a recent article in the EHS Journal, which reports on the new framework of environmental laws in Saudi Arabia.

The country has published nine new environmental laws in 2012, which were promoted by the need to act with urgency to develop a comprehensive framework for measuring and monitoring activities that cause environmental degradation.

Its actions include measures to ensure efficient use of natural resources, prevention of depletion, and implementation of sustainable development. Saudi Arabia has adopted a comprehensive list of Standards and Guidelines.  It regulated matters ranging from air pollution, to wastewater management, to transportation of chemicals; sustainability was an important principle incorporated in these measures.

The article, which provides links to the English language versions of the legislation, at:

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