New good practice guidance on the responsible trade in timber and timber products

PAS 2021:2012
PAS 2021:2012

New guidance, known as PAS 2021:2012 – Exercising due diligence in establishing the legal origin of timber and timber products – Guide to Regulation (EU) No 995/2010 – has been sponsored by WWF-UK Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN) and developed to help the timber industry meet the impending EU timber regulation (EUTR) which comes into effect on 03 March 2013.

With the global work to promote responsible forest management and trade, there continues to be active trading in wood and paper from illegal or controversial sources. The EUTR and the implementation of PAS 2021:2012 in the United Kingdom will assist in reducing this trade. Additionally, the principles of PAS 2021:2012 could be used by organisations operating in other EU member states seeking to meet the requirements of the EUTR.

As with all Publicly Available Specifications (PAS), it was developed by consensus and through a steering group of industry experts and aims to:

  • help organizations identify if they are affected by the new regulation and their obligations
  • help organizations develop and implement a due diligence system to minimize the risk of illegal timber in supply chains
  • describe good practices for responsible trade in timber and timber products that go beyond the minimum requirements of the Regulation

PAS 2021:2012 will assist any organisation that places timber or timber products (including materials made from pulp and paper) on the European Union (EU) market, or any organization that sells and buys such products already available on the EU market.

The EUTR is an important component of the restriction of illegal trade in timber and timber products. Organisations which use PAS 2021 will find guidance can help them understand their legal obligations and operate good practice & encourages a review of their business processes to ensure they minimize the risk of illegal timber in the supply chain.

For further information about the background of the standard can be found at together with a copy of the standard can be downloaded for free at

The EUTR can be downloaded for free at

A copy of the European Union Regulation can be found at

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