Consultation: Reporting Guidance for Business on Environmental Key Performance Indicators

Environmental KPIs
Environmental KPIs

A consultation is open until 17 October 2012 on the use of Environmental Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) guidance intended to help businesses that want to demonstrate their corporate sustainability credentials. The draft guidance is intended to replace the previous guidance on environmental KPIs published in 2006.

The guidance is, also, intended to meet the commitment in the Natural Environment White Paper to produce environmental guidance for business.

The aim of the revised guidance is to provide clear advice to companies on how to measure and report on their environmental performance using environmental key performance indicators (KPIs);  help determine which KPIs are most relevant to an organisation; and set out the rationale for managing environmental performance using KPIs to report performance across a range of environmental indicators such as water, waste, materials, and pollutants as well as biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Consultation responses to the draft guidance should be sent to EnvironmentalReporting&

A copy of the draft guidance can be found at

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