An easy way to comment on draft standards

Many businesses are keen to remain current with the latest International and National Standards but lack the means to access and review the standards applicable to their business needs.

A useful resource is provided by BSI (British Standards Institution), which enable the facility to search, review, comment and share information of developing standards.

Additionally, the resource can be used to search on specific keywords or subjects. Currently, the Environment has 13 draft Standards including a draft standard 42020 on ecological evidence in the planning process. This draft standard describes how to adopt a professional, scientific and consistent approach to the gathering, analysing, presenting and reviewing of ecological information. It goes on to describe how to integrate biodiversity information into each stage of planning and development.

The draft BSI 42020 standard is out for consultation until 30 September.

The main weblink for the Draft Review webpage is at registeration required and the weblink to BS 42020 at

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