Battery Recycling: Be Positive

Be Positive - Recycle Batteries
Be Positive – Recycle Batteries

How often do most businesses or even committed environmentalists think about the humble battery.

Almost on a daily basis, batteries are changed from calculators, torches, cameras, radios and even expensive environmental monitoring equipment with little thought for the environmental impact.

Granted the use of rechargeable batteries are the first option for a sustainable option for portable equipment but there are some barriers to use, such as the need to charge the batteries for several hour before use and their lower voltage and life-cycle, which can be a technical issue for some applications.

For many applications, the humble zinc oxide and alkaline battery is the most convenient power source for portable equipment due to its availability and instant use. When it comes to the end of their use, how often do they end up with other general waste.

Since 1 February 2010, distributors of portable batteries/accumulators who sell over 32 kg of portable batteries per year in an individual store must provide free in-store battery take-back facility for any member of the public who has some batteries to dispose of. This requirement, also, is made for businesses and it is possible to make arrangements with your supplier to provide a container for the storage of the batteries awaiting collection and to make the collection.

Additionally, the Regulation makes arrangements for the collection and recycling of automotive (lead-acid) batteries.

It should be noted that the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) have appointed the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) as the regulator for battery distributors.

Further information can be found in a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions ) paper at and a copy of The Waste Battery and Accumulators Regulations 2009  can be found at with the original EU Directive at

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