Waste at the London 2012 Olympics

London 2012 Olympic Waste Bins
London 2012 Olympic Waste Bins

The Olympic fever is spreading across the nation with Gold medals aplenty.

One thought that occurred to me with my background in waste management, is how will the games be dealing with the massive amounts of waste generated by the venues and the food outlets especially with McDonalds having major outlets reputably being the largest in Europe.

When I visited the games last week, I was impressed by the thought that had gone into the waste management of the games especially the sizing of the black, general waste bin as being smaller and lower to encourage use of the more, readily available recycling containers.

As to whether London 2012 be awarded the Gold Medal for the most sustainable Olympics – We will have to see after all the dust (and waste) has settled.

If you want to know more about the waste management at the games, please go to http://l2012.cm/ThLIX7

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