Consultation on Green IT GHG Footprinting Guidance

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The United Kingdom’s Carbon Trust has been working with leading Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies to develop guidance on measuring Green House Gas emissions across the life-cycle of ICT assets and services. When the guidance is published as an extension to the World Resources Institute (WRI) Greenhouse Gas Protocol, which is anticipated for May 2012.

The draft ICT Sector Guidance is, now, available for public comment until 10 April 2012 with an open invitation to visit the GHG Protocol website in order to download the draft chapters at

The draft guidance is structured with an Introduction Chapter and seven other subject specific chapters.  Each chapter is available to download as a separate document as follows:

Title Size
GHG   Protocol ICT Sector Guidance Feedback Form

349 KB

Chapter   1: Introduction and General Principles

1.55 MB

Chapter   2: Telecoms Network Services

1.28 MB

Chapter   3: Desktop Managed Services

1.28 MB

Chapter   4: Transport Substitution

1.01 MB

Chapter   5: Cloud and Data Center Services

639 KB

Chapter   6: Hardware

907 KB

Chapter   7: Software

856 KB

Chapter   8: Data Centers

649 KB

All comments should be directed to Benedict Buckley at or before the deadline (10 April 2012) 

Following submission of comments on 10 April 2012, the Working group will…

  • Review comments and revise guidance: April 2012
  • Issue a second draft of the ICT Sector Guidance for final public comment: late April 2012
  • Finalize and publish guidance: May 2012

This is important international work with the opportunity to influence the future of commonly accepted set of global principles and methods for footprinting ICT products and services. I will be reporting on this initiative in a later post.

In the meantime, your comments are awaited…

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