Zero Waste Scotland nears Reality

It is rewarding to see that Scotland is driving forward on all fronts, and not just the much publicised referendum on independence, but working to assist SMEs(Small Medium Sized Enterprises) to develop more effective recycling solutions for their businesses.

Zero Waste Scotland
Zero Waste Scotland

Zero Waste Scotland will be funding up to four projects in the pilot phase with an initial investment of up to £50,000 with further funding available at a later date if the pilot projects prove to be successful. The funding initiative will help business meet the requirements of the new zero waste regulations proposed by the Scottish Government.

The regulations will require all Scottish businesses to sort and present key recyclable materials, such as paper and card, plastics, metals, and glass for separate collection by 2013. Separate food waste collection will, also, be required by 2013 for businesses with over 50 employees followed by businesses with fewer employees by 2015.

This funding could represent a significant “kick-start” to the target of a Zero Waste Scotland especially when it is understood that Scotland’s commercial sector produces an estimated 6.57m tonnes of waste every year.

More information on the legislation for a Zero Waste Scotland can be found at & further details on the initiative at

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